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Good blog by a pseudo relative…

What’s a blogger to do when they find other sites they love? Share them of course.

Today, I am going to highlight a blog by a pseudo relative. You know these people, the ones you don’t actually share any DNA with but who you see at the major holiday get togethers. They aren’t official in-laws of any sort. They are your in-laws in-laws or your in-laws cousins or your cousins in-laws or your aunt’s step-daughter’s husband’s brother. Well, you get the idea. The pseudo relative!

Anyway, this darling pseudo relative has a blog all about cooking and baking and making delicious dishes that won’t cause you to hit the mall for a new pair of pants!!!

What’s the site? Drum Roll Please…..

Orna Bakes!

Her eggplant dish is super yummy! . I have even branched out and used the bruschetta on chicken. Add a few capers and some olives– yummy!

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