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The Herdmans do it Again: A Book Review by Cinco

The Best School Year EverThe Best School Year Ever by Barbara Robinson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is about a family of crazy kids named the Herdmans They make mischief and trouble.

My favorite part is when the Herdmans made a schoolmate crack walnuts on his forehead for the talent show. The adults get distracted and the Herdmans stole all the snacks for the talent show. This part is laugh out loud funny!

I think this I a good book for kids and moms.

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Bookymom’s comments

Our family first encountered the Herdman clan in The Best Halloween Ever and we have been hooked ever since. This is the second book in a series by Barbara Robinson featuring the trouble-making antics of the Herdman kids as they terrorize The Woodrow Wilson School.

I love reading these books with my kids because the children love the wild actions of the Herdmans–smoking cigars, washing their cat at the laundromat. But, in the end, the rag-tag Herdmans aren’t all bad and often do kind things for others. In this book, Imogene gives away her baby blanket to a classmate’s sibling after he looses his own blanket.

These are wonderfully entertaining books that remind me of a simpler childhood without computers, iPads or video games.

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The Fenway Foul-Up: A Review by Cinco

The Fenway Foul-Up was about some kids who find out who stole Big D’s bat. Big D is the greatest player on the team. My favorite part is when the kids find out who took the bat. They followed clues to figure out what happened to the bat. My favorite character was the boy named Mike. I like him because he likes baseball like me. I think other boys and girls and some grown-ups would like this book. This is a good book to read in the summer.


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Cinco’s First Book Review

Pirates vs. CowboysPirates vs. Cowboys by Aaron Reynolds

It is a fiction picture book. This book was about pirates and cowboys that were attacking each other. My favorite part of the story is when the half-cowboy, half-pirate yells out P.U. to the other characters. It was very funny! I liked this book and think girls and boys would also like it because it is funny.

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