All Things British: Mom Camp Day 23

20140710-152608.jpgOf course we did many things to prepare for our trip to Great Britain. (See the Blog posts on Stonehenge and Dunkirk). But we kept up the Anglophile spirit when we returned home as well!

One of the first projects were clothespins soldiers! If you want to make your own here’s all you need to do…

What you need :

Red paint
Black paint
Gold paint
A paintbrush
A glue gun and accompanying glue sticks
Black pom-poms

Here’s what to do :
Have your kids layout the clothes pins.

Avoiding the roundhead, paint the top half of the body red. Then let it dry. We live in Las Vegas so the drying part happened very quickly! Still if you only do one light coat it shouldn’t take long. By the time you finish the last red body, the first red body ought to be dry.

Follow it up by painting the bottom black. Again let it dry!

Use some gold glitter paint to buttons and a belt! Let it dry!

Paint on the face. If you have other colors like blue or green those would work well for the eyes. If not, Just use the black paint again–simple.

Now, it’s glue gun time. Personally, I think Cinco and The Princess are too young to use the glue gun on their own. I always do it. Glue gun the black pom-pom on the head of your soldier.

Then with the kids have fun playing with it.

Cinco was inspired by the British soldiers, he used a little duct tape to create some knights!

We also read the book A Walk in London written and illustrated by Salvatore Rubbino. I cannot recommend the book enough. It offers a delightful presentation of London. The pictures capture the city and appeal to kids. This book is a winner. Plus, it allowed us to re-live our own trip through the city!




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