Devil Dog

Devil Dog

Devil Dog

Let me introduce you to my insane Beagle, CJ.  (She happens to be named after me, Christina Junior.  You see, my son was named after his father and we got the dog when I was prego and a bit hormonal and well I insisted the animal be named after ME!) She is 7 years old, howls like the wolfman and is a rather high-strung.

She also has more potty issues than a two and half-year old boy!  For years we were feeding her the Costco brand dog food and the poor dear was having so many tummy troubles all over the inside and outside of the house it was a nightmare.  Finally, I purchased the Rachael Ray dog food,, and it turned out to be a miracle food.  (Please note, I am not some kind of crazy Rachael Ray fan.  I do not own any of her books.  Never cooked one of her meals and only watch her show when it happens to be on while I am at the gym!  None-the-less, this was on the shelf at Walmart and I was at the end of my rope.)  I am also very guilty for putting the dog through so many rotten meals.  I mean the Costco thing went on for YEARS!

So now the Devil Dog and I are engaged in a fight to the finish. You see, she does not pee on the grass!  In fact, she hates grass.  We do live in the desert and she first learned to pee outside in a zeroscape backyard (mainly gravel).  But she insists on potting on the patio!  We not so affectionately call it the Poo Garden.

Well, this is the year she is going to pee in the grass. I have had it with power washing the patio day in and day out…  Of course, this is also a fight to the finish. Two weeks and we are still fighting over her potty habit. But I vow victory over the beagle.


May 19, 2013 · 4:13 pm

2 responses to “Devil Dog

  1. I think beagles may just be the most stubborn dog out there. My mom has one and has had no end of trouble training her.

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