Review: Dead Ever After

In Harris’ final Sookie Stackhouse book, she managed to neatly tie up the saga. Going into this book, Eric was slated to marry another vamp against his will and Sam was brought back from the dead. (By the way, book 12 was really bad! And, all set up for this one.)

It seems that a fair number of long time fans of the series did not like this ending. Personally, I did not hate as much as many people did. A little weak–but not horrible.

While reading the final book, I also realized how many men Sookie bedded. She starts the series as this sweet little southern girl who is a virgin and ends with an amazing amount of lovers in a short time. I know its fiction, but good heaven woman— slow down!

***SPOILER ALERT***STOP READING NOW-Because I am going to write freely about the plot!

I love Eric as much as everyone else. And, he was barely in this book. And, Sookie did not end up with him. But, I am not truly surprised. She truly wouldn’t end up with him. He was too intense for her to be with him long term and unless she was going to be a Vamp (which she did not want) they would have to part ways. Making it forced on him was actually a nice plot move in my opinion.

As for her being with Sam, from the first book, I felt as if those two were going to get to together. I mean, they just had such a solid friendship. The only question is why it took so long. Answer: To sell more books!

All and all, I think it was a fine ending–not great, not surprising, but fine.

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