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Life Is Your Best Medicine: A Woman's Guide to Health, Healing, and Wholeness at Every AgeLife Is Your Best Medicine: A Woman’s Guide to Health, Healing, and Wholeness at Every Age by Tieraona Low Dog
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I thoroughly enjoyed Life is Your Best Medicine by Dr. Low Dog. The book is a helpful guide for women about living a healthier life.

Low Dog has a very interesting background and worked as an herbalist, mid-wife, massage therapist, and finally a doctor. She combines these different points of view with well researched health data that includes a variety of topics. Unlike some books and authors who push some kind of strange new age approach to healing, as a doctor, Low Dog does a great job combining alternative medical approaches with western medical science and research. There is certainly a place for both and Low Dog does a good job marrying them in a useable and helpful way.

I loved the sections on herbs and the five senses. I highly recommend reading those parts if you are pressed for time and want to skip the rest of the book.

A few of her tips are a little goofy. But, she is speaking to a wide audience who has different levels of health and the practice of healthy behavior.

Some of the data she offers on health studies is flooring… Video game violence, city vs. country walks, on and on.

Well worth a skim, or a full on study.

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