Allegiant: Not so Good.

Allegiant (Divergent, #3)Allegiant by Veronica Roth
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Allegiant is the third book in the Divergent trilogy. It takes place in bombed out Chicago and tells the story of people who live in “factions” based on whatever character trait they feel is most important–selflessness, honesty, intelligence, strength, you get the idea. These factions unravel and we follow two young people, Tris and Four, through the dramatic events.

Stop reading here if you want to avoid SPOILERS!!

So, by book three Tris and Four decide to venture outside of Chicago and see what’s beyond the city. What they find is a group of government scientists who are constantly watching the people in Chicago and using their faction based society as an experiment. We soon discover that the people in Chicago are the decedents of genetically altered people and are considered genetically damaged…

It gets more complicated and absurd from there– oh please! I mean did it really have to be so over the top?

In the end, Tris dies while trying to erase the memory of the scientists so they will treat the genetically damaged as regular people. And Four is left to go on with her.

The book really seems as if the author was looking for a quick ending. The writing is so so. And, she does an awful job reminding the reader what happened in books 1 and 2.

I enjoyed the first two books, but this is a mess! SKIP IT!

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