Scorpion suicide


Yes, that is a picture of a scorpion in my toilet! And no, I was not surprised to find it there.

Scorpion suicide seems to be something of a regular occurrence at my home. I have actually found other scorpions in toilets…

And I once found a scorpion that fell down the front of my shirt. No, I wasn’t bitten thank God! I mistakenly thought it was a piece of popcorn that I neglected to actually get into my mouth. When i pulled open my shirt to pull the popcorn out, it seems that instead a Scorpion had fallen from the ceiling and down my shirt! You can imagine there was quite a lot of bouncing around, yelling, jumping and startled folderol. But thanks for the fast action of The Captain I was not stung. And the scorpion meat an untimely death.

So I got to wonder why do so many scorpions come to my house to commit suicide?

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