The Fashion Terrorist….From the Memiors of a Non-Enemy Combatant

From the Memoirs of a Non-Enemy CombatantFrom the Memoirs of a Non-Enemy Combatant by Alex Gilvarry
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Looking for a satirical, quirky, quick read that pokes critical fun at our post-9/11 society? Then From the Memoirs of a Non-Combatant is for you!

The main character, Boy is a Filipino immigrant hoping to break into the New York fashion scene. The story is told from Boy’s point of view after arrested and transfer to Gitmo as a potential terrorist. According to Boy, it was all a big mistake and he had no idea he was business partners with real terrorists, Clever absurdity follows and we have a glimpse of our modern silliness from both the view of the fashion world and the political.

On the surface the two worlds seem far apart. But at their heart, propaganda and perception rule creating an commentary on our image oriented life-styles.

However, like so much in life, the reader cannot not count on Boy to be a reliable narrator and we are left wonderIng just happened and how much did Boy really know.

Clever elements like a fashion publicist who’s business is hampered post-9/11 by because his name is Ben Laden, add a Levi of comic absurdity that keeps the booking moving and entertaining.

Not exactly Swift, but a good satire for our times.

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