The Last Plantagents

The Last Plantagenets (The Plantagenets, #4)The Last Plantagenets by Thomas B. Costain

This is the last in a series of books on the Plantagenet Dynasty. I enjoyed the final chapter in this family’s history!

Costain takes the reader all the way through the War of the Roses to the ascension of Henry II. Although, it is trickery to follow. If you have an interest in that period, I recommend you seek another book that focuses solely on the rivalry between the Lancasters and Yorks.

One interesting point is Costain’s treatment of Richard III. He is clearly pro-Richard and makes no bones about it. Costain’s bias is very clear when it comes to the “Princes in the Tower”. He even ends the book with a discussion of how he became interested in history— which includes a discussion of his opinion on Richard.

For myself, Richard ‘s guilt of innocence is a fascinating topic. But, I am more included to a middle ground. I think he did dispose of the boys out if necessity but was not really a black hearted tyrant.

For those who enjoy Costain’s historical tangents— and, I do— you will find them in this volume too! I particularly liked the discussion of the handkerchief as well as ladies riding side saddle.

My favorite in this series remains The Three Edwards. None-the-less, I recommend reading them all.

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