Mom Camp Goes International

This year mom camp is taking it to the next level. We are going on expedition to Great Britain. I know it is insanely ambitious to take a 5 year old, 8 year old and my hubs over the ocean for two and half weeks, but I’ve wanted to go on this trip for more than 3 years.

The basic plan is that my mom, hence forth known as Queen Gram (this is a title she gave herself), will fly over with me and the kids for the first week in London. Then The Captain joins us and Queen Gram flies back to the states. The Captain does not like big cities and has been to London before and frankly has to work so someone can pay for our journey. For the following week and 1/2 we drive around the southern part of England until we hit Wales. We drive up the coast of Wales and leave out of Manchester.

(This is right about the time you must be thinking I am smoking crack…. really all this with two kids under 10! At least The Captain convinced me NOT to add another week and take the kiddos to Ireland, too…. Yes, folks crazy bookymom really thought that was a good idea at first. I mean the flight are so expensive I wanted to maximize the experience. But, The Captain made me realize if I kept us on the road that long, our vacation might end in divorce!)

Now, you keep you updated, I have planned this out as much as I can. I mean I have a 32 page agenda that contains all sorts of information… such as the best park lots for our visit to Bath, England. It’s not unlike when Jillian and I went to Italy. The poor dear had to put up with one of my mega agendas. She politely started calling our trip “Tour of the Obscure”. Although, I think she had an okay time when all was said and done….

None-the-less, I full expect there will be LOTS of hiccups and hopefully, lots of good stories!


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2 responses to “Mom Camp Goes International

  1. From Facebook posts it looks like you’re having a grand time. History, culture and exploration all wrapped into one great family adventure. Lucky family to have Booky Mom’s thorough planning. Be safe. Love, Grandy

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