Mom Camp Day 22: Board Game Day

Okay, okay.  The thing is that Mom Camp has been going on, it’s just that I have been a bit too busy to blog about it.  So, I’d better do some catching up…

On Day 22, we needed to stay close to home because the maid was coming. I had to come up with an idea that would keep the kids engaged all day but not result in a crazy mess or get in the way of the cleaning ladies…hence Board Game Day!

We started out with Clue. This is a childhood favorite and it turns out that Cinco really likes the game, too. Plus,he won twice!

Next, it was Guess Who. I did know anything about this game until a few month’s ago when Cinco’s aunt sent it to him. It’s two players and pretty simple. Cinco and The Princess played against each other for several rounds.

We played Brain Quest Smart. Both Cinco and The Princess were able to play the game and get just about every answer correct!

In the afternoon, we hit the pool. I brought our water proof UNO cards to keep up the game day theme. I was told by Cinco that technically card games did not count as a board game— after all there is no board. Still, I was trying.

After the pool and back at home, I put on Clue The Movie. You may recall this film from the 80s. It was based on the board game and was filmed and released with three different endings. The audience got to vote on an ending and which ever ending got the most votes was played in the theater. I actually real going to the movie and voting on the ending in my childhood. Sadly, the kids might have been young for the show–even though it is only PG– they couldn’t get into it.

The movie went off and The Captain came home and it was time for a family game night–please note this only the 3rd time we have actually had a family game night. A few Christmas’ ago Jillian gave me Bookopoly (I mean really what else would Bookymom play?) I got it out and we set it up. Each person was supposed to play on their own. We also played the fast version–you randomly deal out the properties (this significantly reduces the playing time!). The Captain had never heard of the quicky version, which I thought was strange.

The Captain and The Princess created an alliance. So of course, Cinco and I had to join forces. This quickly disintegrated into two teams, which is fine because The Princess really isn’t old enough to play on her own. The game was rather competitive. Things went sideways when The Captain got up to get some snacks and Cinco took everyone’s money! The game ended with lots of laughter and tickling. So it was pretty much a perfect game!

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