Tangled: The Junior Novelization (Disney Tangled)Tangled: The Junior Novelization by Irene Trimble
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I listened to the Tangled novel driving my daughter around town. I refuse to let my kids watch movies or play video games in the car while we drive to and from various activities. Maybe audio books aren’t much better. But in my mind they are a slight improvement.

I didn’t think this would add much to the movie’s story. But, I was pleasantly surprised. As a mom who has seen the film more than a few times, I figured I knew the story down pat. But, the author managed to add a few details and elements that really added to the story telling experience. The emotions of the characters are built up throughout the story and there are several details are added to the story.

I enjoyed listening to the story and it has made me think, I might try another novelization with the kids driving through town!

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