Hong Kong Handover Day: Mom Camp Day 15

For Hong Kong Handover Day (not to be confused with Hong Kong HANG OVER Day — celebrated by some during Chinese New Year) the kids and I did all things Chinese.

The idea for the day started when Cinco created a construction paper person and decided that they were half- British and half-Chinese. He asked if that was really possible and I explained it was very possible since the UK once controlled Hong Kong.  This led to a discussion of why the Brits had the colony and why they gave it back as well as when they gave it back. Thanks to the miracle of Google we discovered that Hong Kong was returned to China on July 1st, 1997. Thus, Mom Camp’s Hong Kong Handover day was born!

Our activities included making a paper Great Wall of China, as well as one made of clay.  We also crafted terracotta warriors.

We crafted replica ancient board books. We made two version one with Chinese characters that we looked up online and another with our symbols and words.

We also created a number of paper dragons.  Some were based on patterns we found on the Internet and others were made from the pure imaginative creation of the kiddos!   

Since it was so close to the Fourth of July, we added a little patriotic flare by making Chinese paper lanterns in red, white and blue!  We also studied the inner working of firecrackers (originally invented by the Chinese!) 
For dinner on the second day of our Hong Kong Handover celebrations we had dinner at PF Changs and saved our fortunes.

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