Secondhand Souls (Grim Reaper, #2)Secondhand Souls by Christopher Moore

I went through a phase where I was a big Christopher Moore fan. He certainly has a certain reverent style that lends itself to guilty humor. At this point, I lost track of how many of his books I’ve read. Although, I haven’t read one in years.

I briefly flirted with reading his Merchant of Venice to be right but couldn’t finish it.

But when it came to Second Handsouls, I decided to give it the old college try. I very much enjoyed the first Grim Reaper book which Christopher Moore wrote almost 10 years ago. That was my first experience with Mr. Moore’s writing style and I did quite enjoy it.

Second Handsouls is a sequel that picks up where the previous Grim Reaper book left off. Much like the first book this one is full of silly one liners and ironic comments on the state of modern American affairs. There’s nothing overly political and most of it makes fun of cultural norms.

All and all it’s a typical Christopher Moore book and if you like the style you like the book. I’m not sure if it’s just that I’m getting older but I didn’t enjoy this novel quite as much as I enjoyed some of the previous ones. Perhaps my taste or raunchy humor is ebbing with my years.

I did sincerely enjoyed the cameo stories Mr. Moore crafted of the trapped souls’ lives. I wish the book had more of them. From the baseball player to the vet all the stories were interesting and entertaining. I’d love to see a collection of life stories from the trapped souls.

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