Mom Camp Celebrates 5 Years

I know some of you in the blogosphere were worried that Mom might have retired Mom Camp.  In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.  Mom Camp is celebrating our 6th year of entertaining the kids all summer. 

Here is the first post from Mom Camp June 9th 2010—-

Mom camp day one: theme water wild life…. pancakes, playtime @ the club, reading practice, summer work review, trip to the shark reef, drawing shark pics for the summer journal, and now calming down with Nemo.

As the kids age, I have decided to add a bit more to our theme days—in fact I am extending them to full weeks!  We also plan to bring back a few previous the a by kid request.  These include: 

Greek Week– we just can’t let go of Percy Jackson

Roman Week — because Cinco wants to learn all about Roman numerals and we want do something on Pompeii! 

Bastille Day Week 

And (drum roll) our midsummer celebration–  with our annual fairy house designing. 

We will also be adding a few new weeks and activities: 

Titanic/Ocean week

New Orleans/Civil War Week 

So stay tuned for the summer adventures of Cinco and The Princess…


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