It’s Bastille Day, Baby! Mom Camp Day 19

In honor of France’s Bastille Day Mom Camp decided to revisit one of our original themes: Bastille Day. *

We began with a few worksheets from one of my favorite Mom Camp sites: The one featured above is a cute and simple guide to the location of various French land marks.

The Princess and I walked in the footsteps of Marie Antoinette and made some French inspired jewlry.  I found these little charms at Michael’s and decided they would be perfect for a little Bastille Day jewlery making.

We created a lovely necklace using the colors of the French flag.  The red and blue peals were for the colors in the flag representing the revolutionaries.  Instead of Burbon white, we substituted a silver pearl.

We also decided to watch a few cartoons on the French Revolution on YouTube.

This one was only about 3 minutes. The other was a clip from an old cartoon called Histria. The kids really enjoyed this one and went one to watch a second one on the heroes of France. It even includes Joan of Arc.

To round out the day we played  .   Basically, you are the executioner during the French Revolution and you need to collect noble’s heads.  Different nobles are worth different points and the person with the most points at the end of the game wins.  The Princess really took to game.  I suspect because she is always trying to collect the queen.

*nb: When one has been doing Mom Camp for 6 years some times we need to recycle ideas.  Lol

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