Mom Camp Day 22:  Monsters, Wands and Quidditch


Today’s challenge was creating craft copies of a few of the props from Harry Potter: The Book of Monsters and Wands, plus a quidditch field.

We decided to tackle the Book of Monsters first.  This involved a trip to Hobby Lobby strolling through the aisles looking for the raw materials.  As always, glue gun sticks were at the top of the list.  We decided on faux fur, google eyes and two small hard cover unlined note books.

Cinco choose the traditional dark brown fur while The Princess went with the skunk like faux fur.  She tried to talk me into purchasing real rabbit fur but I politely declined.  They also choose different notebooks, Cinco’s had an elastic band that secured the book closed.

Cinco’s notebook required us to cut his piece of faux fur.  We added a darker strip of brown fur to the binding.  Then we cut the light brown fur into one large piece that covered the top of the book.  On the bottom of the book we hot glued a medium piece and then a separate smaller light brown piece, leaving a very small gap for the elastic closure.

The Princess’ notebook was much easier.  We simply glue gunned the skunk fur to the book.  Easy as pie.  One thing I did discover is that it is better to glue the top and bottom
first and THEN glue the edge.


img_3864Next we needed the embellishments to finish off the look. We added the google eyes to both books and used some creepy colored eyes to make the monster look a little nastier.

For Cinco’s book we glued two ivory colored oblong beads inside the cover of the sketch book.  To secure the fangs, we glued the first page of the book to the hardcover and horizontally sandwiched the beads between them.  That way, the teeth really stuck out.

The Princess wanted to use two smaller dark brown beads. We glued them to the underside of the cover as well. sadly, they were both smaller and glued vertically.We had a bit of extra dark brown fur so we decided to make Monster Bookmarks too.  Out came the google eyes, bead fangs and we added a red felt tongue to complete the look!


The next activity included making mini-wands.  Scout (my co-girl scout leader) made fantastic wands for her son’s birthday using wooden poles, A GLUE GUN and paint.  Both Cinco and The Princess still have the wands from the party so it didn’t make sense to simply copy her and do the same thing.  We changed it ever-so-slightly by making mini-wands.
img_3878Using Scout’s glue gun technic we created a few wands and then went to work painting them.  We got out a few wild paint colors to have a little fun decorating them. Some them had a base color and then we painted the glue a second color. Others were fully one color.  Cinco also decided that he wanted to add beads to the bottom of the wands to make it look like a handle.

img_3877But, the coolest part was the glow-in-the-dark glue sticks I purchased for the glue gun.  We used the glow-in-the-dark glue on two wands and they looked thrilling in the dark.
img_3879Our final project of the day was a papercraft I found online to make your own Quidditch Field. You can also find templated to build your own Hogwarts, but honestly we weren’t that ambitious.  We did add the quidditch hoops, which we fashioned out of foil.
After three crafts, we decided to call it a day.



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