Mom Camp 2.0

As many of you know, there was a Mom Camp rebellion last year.  The kids did NOT like all the mom directed activities and I decided that maybe they had outgrown Mom Camp.  So, I signed them up for several different REAL CAMPS—  play horror music here.

Cinco and The Princess launched a protest and we have developed Mom Camp 2.0.  What is that?  Well, it’s a bit more fun and less educational than the previous mom camps and includes a few weeks of actual camp.  Instead of trying to theme out each day with semi-educational activities and a few crafts, we are doing 30 min of math work, 30 min of reading, 10 min of typing and then going about our day with more fun and free time and action.  Additionally, since the kids are older they also decided they wanted to dive into the projects the really liked and spend less time jumping from activity to activity.

Therefore, Cinco, the Princess and I welcome Mom Camp 2.0!


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