Mom Camp 2.0 Fairy Days (Days 5 & 6)

Now this should have been our final day of prep prior to the big night…  but you know at the last minute The Princess decided she wanted to add a cafe for the fairies.  Because, you know, they might get hungry.  So, it was back outside to the patio to craft a clay fairy cafe.  (Called the Fairy Forest Cafe– Cinco did his best to convince The Princess we should call it FFC for short like KFC, but she would have none of it).

While the stand was drying, Cinco and The Princess got to work making a few food items for the cafe.  These included bowls of fairy food and a few cinnamon rolls crafted from leftover clay.  Of course, the cafe needed a canopy and then we needed to add chairs and tables for the fairy guests to enjoy their treats.

Again, we had to wait overnight for the clay to dry so we could properly paint the food stand and the food. We also crafted another “platform/garden” to house the cafe area.

By the end of day 6 we were ready for the fairies to arrive at our village!

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