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Move Over Devil Dog, Mama’s gonna join Cirque du Soleil*

English: Flying Pigeon pose in AntiGravity® Ae...

English: Flying Pigeon pose in AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga, developed by Christopher Harrison (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, not really. But I did have the chance to go with Jillian to an anti-gravity Pilates class @ Shine. What’s that you ask? Nothing-less-than the latest fitness trend sweeping the nation! But seriously, it was totally cool.

You use what is called a “hammock” (but looks a heck of like the thick ribbons that acrobatic dancers and Cirque cast members use to twist and turn in while dangling from the celling– think Pink’s Grammy Performance circa 2010).

After getting introduced to the hammock and a grabbing a yoga mat, your lovely instructor walks you through some of the tried and true Pilates moves. I hear there are also yoga classes using the hammock, but I’ve to escape my kiddos long enough to try one!!!

I was a tad skeptical about it. I mean, there are so many fad classes and everyone’s got a gimmick. But for me the true worth of the workout comes the next day when see how your body feels. I want to feel a little ache, not a can’t move my limbs felling, but I want to know my time was worth something. I am also not an “entertainment” workout woman. I put in my time at the elliptical or Bikram and I’m done. I don’t need dance steps or pop music or anything else. I don’t want to run outside and look at the world. I don’t want to meet my friends and scoot a ball over a net. I want to workout and get on with my life!

Thus, I might not be the idea candidate for anti-gravity Pilates. But, I LOVED IT. You get to hang upside down–cool! You get pretend you are as awesome as a rock star or Cirque performer–cool! You get what qualifies for me as good workout–cool!

I felt it the next day in my abs, arms and legs!! I can’t say the same thing regular Pilates (one-on-one with a trainer on the reformer– not some half-baked group mat course…)

I cannot wait for kids to get back in school so I can go again!!!

*See my Devil Dog post to understand what I mean!

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Did I Mention Devil Dog was also a Cirque Du Soleil Cast Member?

Here in Vegas we have more Cirque shows than you can count on one hand.  Just about every casino has a show and I swear to god Devil Dog must have been in one of these shows in another life.

The no peeing on the patio saga continues.  Devil Dog will pee on the grass for my hubs.  However, every time she sets foot on the green stuff she act as if she is actually walking on hot coals.  I have never really seen a dog “prance” until now.  This is not the Cirque move I am talking about….

poopDevil Dog’s Cirque move is that she can some how crap on the side of the bath tub.  We have a tub with jets on the side and on each side of the tub is a ledge.  Somehow how Devil Dog is able to hang her butt over the side of the tub and poop on the tiny ledge without falling in the tub and killing herself.  I have cleaned up the poop, but you can see in my photo the potty area.  It is a favorite spot of hers and both my mother and baby/dog sitter can testify that Devil really does leave “presents” in this area!  This amazing fete leads me to believe that Devil Dog may in fact have once been in the show.

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