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Faberge Eggs for Easter

It all started with Scooby Doo, The Princess asked me explain Faberge eggs. She had been watching Scooby Doo Cyber Chase and there was a joke in the story about Daphne’s mom trying to boil Faberge eggs. And they say TV makes you stupid!

After explaining my limited knowledge of Faberge eggs (essentially that they were made in Russia for the Zcar and they very fancy and covered in jewels), we decided to make our own eggs.

We came up with two versions. One is made of tin foil with jewels glued on it. Super easy!


The second involved the kids taking clay and sticking the jewels straight into the clay. This was developed by The Princess, after all she is only five and anything with jewels qualifies as fancy right?


We also added construction paper eggs and a basket. This was way less work than actually dyeing eggs. No one ever eats the boiled eggs so they got to waste. Plus I end up getting dye everywhere and the eggs end up the color vomit! So this was a happy solution.


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