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Teacher Gifts II


Three gifts down, four to go!

I still needed gifts for the four teaching assistants.

As for the two working in Cinco’s class, I went cliche again and made little stationary baskets. Everyone needs paper, right?

In The Princess’ class I was a tad more creative. Her teacher is constantly telling the kids to “Kiss Your Brain”. So for the main teacher and two assistants we made tissue paper/Mod Podge Masson jars. We included a picture of The Princess and wrote Kiss Your Brain on the outside and filled them with an assortment of differ Hershey’s Kisses!

Plus for the two assistant a seed packet….

The Princess’ main teacher also tells the parents to help the kids “grow roots and wings”. We added fairy wings to the Garden in a Bag.

Thankfully now we are done with that little task….

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