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A Trip to the Rainforest: Mom Camp Day 23


Day 23 we embarked on a Mom Camp field trip! And, we went with one of Cinco’s friends he has known since his first days of pre-school! As luck would have it, Cinco’s buddy as an adorable little sister who is only a little younger than The Princess. And the two girls have turned into friends as well!

We started by watching  It turned out to be very educational and both kids really enjoyed watching it. It offered information on the people, plants and animals of the rainforest. The Princess was very emotionally effected by the section about extinction and gave me a big lecture about it later in the morning.

Armed with information on the rainforest, we headed over to none other than the Rainforest Cafe. If you live in a tourist Mecca like we do, odds are you have a Rainforest Cafe in your town. In my opinion, the food is not very good and it’s over priced. But the kids really enjoy the rain effects… So I periodically take them.

While waiting for our friends to arrive, we took a stroll through the gift shop. They used to have a talking tree that The Princess really loved. The voice recording still plays, but the mouth and eyes of the tree no longer move. This was disappointing to The Princess. When I sat she really loved the tree I mean she spent a period of several months asking if all trees could talk. I got suckered into purchasing the kids stuffed animal snakes– but 4 days later they are still playing with them all the time. They also used the snakes to design their own stuffed animal rainforest.

IMG_2382After lunch we headed over to another attraction: a rainforest exhibit for kids @ Springs Preserve. . The exhibit had a bunch of fun things to do: a climbing tree, a log tunnel, a gorilla sanctuary, coloring pages, a wooden bridge to assemble and loom with big weaving ribbons. Lots to do.

Plus, I let the kids watch another non-educational show!

Then we ended the day with a little reading!

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