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Tahoe Time: Mom Camp goes back on the Road Day 28-31

This was the summer of travel and it was time to pack up and get going once again!  This time for a trip to visit our wonderful relatives at Lake Tahoe.

 Our first full day in Tahoe was full of fun at the beach enjoying the sun and the water.  We paddle boarded and kayaked and generally hung out relaxing and living the life.

In the afternoon, it was time get off our bottoms and go for a hike up Round Hill.  The hike was short, but went up and up and up!  Along the way, we discovered a feather from our state bird (the Mountain Blue Bird!)– What a find!

 Of course, we collected a great number of giant Tahoe Pine Cones, a family favorite.  We also made a count of the number of lizards we encountered along the way.  Cinco claims to have seen 7!  We also kept a running log of chipmunks… 2 was the final count.

After showers, it was time to enjoy a little culture. We headed off to a lovely evening on the lake watching Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  To prepare for our cultural event, we completed:
 The two best things about it were the hot chocolate at intermission and The Princess saying she had seen Romeo and Juliet only with a cat and a dog as the main characters.

The following day it was back to the lake!

In the evening, we drove down the hill to good ol’ Gardnerville and JT’s Basque Restaurant!  The tradition is to pin dollar bills to the ceiling by throwing it up wrapped around a silver dollar!

On the third day we opted for another day at the lake followed by mini golf!

The drive home was also eventful and LONG.

 We managed to find a small herd of cattle crossing the road just as we drove by!  Astonishingly, they did not repond to our cow calls…

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