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Mom Camp Hits the Bayou: Day 5

Life on the Bayou: the only way in or out is by boat

Our Southern adventure kept rocking with a trip to the Louisiana bayou in search of alligators…

This and many more resources can be found at Education.com

In preparation for the visit,  we completed some worksheets from Education.com.  It is one of my favorite sites for worksheets to complement what we are doing for our various Mom Camp Days. We did a worksheet on the difference between crocodiles and alligators as well as one on swamp food chains. 

It wouldn’t be a mom camp day without a craft or some kind of crazy project.  So we borrowed this alligator idea from Easy Peasy and Fun.  I must say it was rather easy peasy.

Very simple supplies even with our glitsy imbelishments — such as sticker gems and sequins.



After all the prep, it was time to go alligator hunting… We drove out to Slidell, about 45 minutes from New Orleans, to take Dr. Wagner’s Honey Island Swap Tour.

Check out this slow motion video of a ‘gator eating a marshmellow.

We were searching for alligators, but we had the chance to see so much more. We also saw snakes, more than 30 turtles (the kids kept a running count), a wild boar and plenty of swamp flora.

This is the big boar

This is the baby boar.

The tour was certainly more than we expected and even The Captain had a good time!  Totally worth it.

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