Mom Camp Day 9: Monster Mayhem

We are finally done with the fairies and the summer solstice. It was certain,y fun, but I am really ready for a new theme today. In honor of Monster’s University it is Monster Day!

IMG_1976We made monster puppets out of Popsicle sticks and some online print outs. Then the kids did a little play/variety show with the monster puppets–there was a lot of crazy monster singing.

Next up, we made play dough monster people (not the most exotic thing in the world but it kept the kiddos occupied).

We also did the monster drawing game provided at Basically, you roll the dice. The number you roll indicates the monster body part you draw. After four roles you have a creepy monster drawing. Cinco enjoyed and made several monsters. Then he made a backdrop for them and cut out the monsters and pasted them on it. Very creative.IMG_1977

There are a number of good free monster themed worksheets. We used The Not So Scary Monster Pack. It is free at Teacher’s Notebook, but you do have to register and create a password.


Alien headbands inspired by  Cinco decided he did not want to use the google eyes, so he crafted his own out of glitter paper.  Hey, why not?

Off to the movies to see Monsters University–which entertained both kids and was actually sorts cute.  It is a prequel to Monsters, Inc. It tells the story of how Sullivan and Mike met in college.  The Monsters University website is also very clever.

Then it was books, books, books!

Of course we have been reading this book for years! But it seemed like a nice choice for Monster Day.

Cinco read this for his reading book of the day and it was okay, but a little too simple for him.

This one was not so great. The pictures did not really match the layout of the equations and that made it difficult for young readers to follow. I wouldn’t recommend this one to others.

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