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Mom Camp Day 17: Baseball

20130717-163735.jpg In preparation for a trip to Dodger Stadium to see Cinco’s first major league game, we invited some friends – a brother/sister team- over for Baseball Day.

We got things rolling with awesome baseball crafts:
Decorate Your Own Ball cap

  • 4 Ball caps from The Dollar Store
  • Lots of beads
  • Glitter glue
  • Markers

The boys were not overly excited by this project. But The Princess and her BFF had a great time designing their hats. They liked arranging the beads on the glitter glue, although a few fell off and I had to hot glue them later for The Princess.

Color Your Own Ball bat and Players: 

The next craft was coloring in little mini-wooden baseball bats. I found them online when I was ordering a bunch of wooden craft supplies.20130717-164408.jpg Cinco also took some wooden peg men and paired them up with the bats!

Cinco’s guest made a baseball player out of a Round Clothespins and we glued his bat on him!IMG_2119

Who’s #1?

No cheer leading section is complete without the famous finger sign! I found these little gems at The Dollar Store and we decorated them for the game!!!IMG_2118

All the kids also got bouncing baseballs. The idea was to color them with markers and glitter paint. The boys left their’s plain and the girls went wild with glitter!!! Imagine!

The boys also had fun playing a fun game Cinco got from his grandmother for his B-day. You throw soft cloth baseballs at a target and depending in what you hit, you move small plastic men around a ball field. The boys abandoned the ball field and players and more fun throwing the balls! But having fun is the point so who cares?

Treats Please…..
20130717-165911.jpgFor treats, I tried make to Carmel corn. Out came my beloved Whirly-Pop!!!And, my attempt to make the Carmel corn. After the first batch turned into a gloppy mess, I decided to consult my ‘Internet cookbook’ and found a better recipe. We added peanuts and packed it up in a red and white striped popcorn bag!

The treats continued with baseball themed gum. 20130717-170601.jpg

I know you are thinking Big League Chew. But, no! These little baseball gum-balls had cute little saying on them such as ‘Home Run’, ‘Strike’ or ‘Single’.

We read this book. Short and cute. It’s a baseball themed version of Goodnight Moon!

And, Cinco finished:
It was a good book to read before heading over to a Dodger game because the end is full of interesting facts about the stadium. So interesting in fact, The Captain kept sharing them with his sister and her family (who went to the game with us!)

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It’s Angry Bird Day, Straight Down to the Undies (Mom Camp Day 13)

IMG_2035Angry Bird Day started fast with a fun cardboard tube craft.  Inspired by Crafts by Amanda we created a few birds of our own.  They are easier to make then they look–and I was working with a four and seven-year old.  If I can do it, you can too!


  • Card Board Tubes
  • Construction Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Google Eyes (Optional)
  • Sparkle Paper (Optional)
  • Feathers (Optional)



  1. Cut the card board tubes (cut in half if you are using TP and you in either thirds or quarters for a paper towel roll.)
  2. Cut out some colored construction paper (color depends on the bird you are making).
  3. IMG_2029Cut the paper construction paper on the roll.
  4. Cut out the eyes, beaks, eyebrows and glue them on.  (You can also glue on google eyes instead, if you like.) For pigs, cut out a snout. IMG_2032If you want to make a girl bird cut out a bow (two triangles glued to a rectangle in the middle).
  5. Glue on feathers or construction paper to simulate the feathers.  For pigs, cut out the ears.

We even went so far as to design our own versions of Angry Birds and Pigs.  The Princess named her Dazzle, which is perfect!  Plus, I think she’s part of the newest game: Angry Bird-Vegas.  (Just Kidding!) IMG_2041

After all that fun, it was time to clean up so mom had to keep the kiddos occupied with a few worksheets and not so messy games!

For worksheets we turned to:

Quickly, we turned back to the fun and games with a few items I actually broke down and bought!

  • This activity book worked out really well for us. It was more than just a coloring book, because heaven knows we DO NOT NEED ANOTHER COLORING BOOK. Instead, this offers mazes, puzzles, codes, and even a simple math problem or two. What I really loved about this little book is that worked for both the 4 and 7 year-old. It offers games and puzzles with three levels of difficulty, so both kids used the book!
  •  “Play-doh” style Angry Bird kit was hit with both kids.  It comes with three cans of “doh”, two molds, and some heavy cardboard panels.  The kids were able to construct their own angry bird sets and had a blast trying to knock them down.  Plus, I really liked the consistency of the Softee dough better than “play-doh”.
  •  Cinco loved this book. Like the Star Wars Lego books, this one has pages where you have to find the right sticker and fit onto a certain page. There are also pages with scenes that your fill out with stickers. It has tons of character stickers, Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Luke, Leia, Han… It is very much like the Lego sticker books–so if you like them, you will like this.

P.S.  Here are the undies: IMG_2033

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Mom Camp Day 10: The Wonderful World of Winnie the Pooh

Keeping up with the Mom Camp blog, Cinco and The Princess, as well as the house work has been a challenge this summer! It turns out that I have over planed activities for some of the Mom Camp theme days, so we may have some spill over onto other days. Mom Camp Day 10 was dedicated to non-other than the adorable characters create by A.A. Milne in his Winnie the Pooh books. The Princess is a huge Winnie fan and listens to the stories all the time so she requested a Mom Camp Day for the little bear and his pals.

Hundred Acre Wood

Hundred Acre Wood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found a map of the Hundred Acre Woods online and printed out a copy. We pretended each room in the house was a different place on the map and did an activity in the room.

  • Pooh Bear’s House was the kitchen and we started by baking multigrain biscuits and smothering them with honey.
  • Kanga’s House was the family island where we keep the computer. We did some online coloring pages and mazes.
  • The Bee Tree became our kitchen table and we made our own bee trees out of paper towel rolls. We cut out a small oval in IMG_1984each ‘tree’ and covered the rolls in green paper leaves. We also added a few green sparkle leaves for a little flair.

IMG_1983A little more flair was added when we made lady bugs with google eyes and pasted them to the tree as well.

IMG_1981Of course, what would a bee tree be without a bee? We also created our own bees out of pipe cleaners and added google eyes to the bees. We mounted the bees on pipe cleans and hung them from the trees. The kids then made the kids buzz in and out of the tree’s whole. We added a cut out and colored Winnie-the-Pooh complete with a red balloon. Pooh was mounted on a pipe cleaner as well and they kids chased him with the bee.

  • Owl’s House was the library and we completed a Winnie-the-Pooh puzzle I purchased at the Dollar Store.
  • Where the Woozle Wasn’t  was a dance party around the family island.  We played Winnie-the-pooh music and went round and round in a dancing/marching circle to look for a Woozle.
  • Robin’s House  was my bedroom. We cuddled up and read some stories.
  • Rabbit’s House was back in the kitchen for a little lunch of carrots and peanut butter and honey sandwiches on whole wheat.
  • Piglet’s House 
    was back in the family room where we watched a movie.

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Mom Camp Day 9: Monster Mayhem

We are finally done with the fairies and the summer solstice. It was certain,y fun, but I am really ready for a new theme today. In honor of Monster’s University it is Monster Day!

IMG_1976We made monster puppets out of Popsicle sticks and some online print outs. Then the kids did a little play/variety show with the monster puppets–there was a lot of crazy monster singing.

Next up, we made play dough monster people (not the most exotic thing in the world but it kept the kiddos occupied).

We also did the monster drawing game provided at www.expressivemonkey.com. Basically, you roll the dice. The number you roll indicates the monster body part you draw. After four roles you have a creepy monster drawing. Cinco enjoyed and made several monsters. Then he made a backdrop for them and cut out the monsters and pasted them on it. Very creative.IMG_1977

There are a number of good free monster themed worksheets. We used The Not So Scary Monster Pack. It is free at Teacher’s Notebook, but you do have to register and create a password.


Alien headbands inspired by Notimeforflashcards.com.  Cinco decided he did not want to use the google eyes, so he crafted his own out of glitter paper.  Hey, why not?

Off to the movies to see Monsters University–which entertained both kids and was actually sorts cute.  It is a prequel to Monsters, Inc. It tells the story of how Sullivan and Mike met in college.  The Monsters University website is also very clever.

Then it was books, books, books!

Of course we have been reading this book for years! But it seemed like a nice choice for Monster Day.

Cinco read this for his reading book of the day and it was okay, but a little too simple for him.

This one was not so great. The pictures did not really match the layout of the equations and that made it difficult for young readers to follow. I wouldn’t recommend this one to others.

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Mom Camp Day 2: Theme Clean-Up Your Toys

Okay, okay. This might not be the most fun activity ever, but I do think we need to start the summer off with a toy clean out! How are we going to find any thing with a toy bin that looks like it was the product of an FBI warrant search?

To make the day a little less painful, I have attempted to theme it out….

1. Toy based worksheets:

Cinco even woke up saying the worksheets looked fun and wanted to them right away. Go figure.

  • ESL Kids Lab Crossword

    For Cinco, I found some great worksheets on money and shopping at a toy store on Eduction.com. Also, I discovered that ESL worksheets can be a great tool for younger children still learning english themselves. You can find some toy themed worksheets at ESLkidslab.com.

2. Books: We themed out our reading today with books like:

  • The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams
  • Olivia and the Missing Toy by Ian Falconer
  • Toys in Space by Mini Grey

3. Movie: For our movie time (also known as mom makes dinner time) we watched The Velveteen Rabbit. The movie was a little different from the original story, but the kids still liked it.

Non-Toy themes activities: Included Cinco’s batting cage practice.

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June Mom Camp Schedule

With only 16 days until the end of school, I have gotten the June Mom Camp Calendar ready!    Not every day has a Mom Camp theme, since we do have a few visits from Grandma and days of actual camp.  But, we are hard at work getting ready and buying supplies for our crafts and activities.  (Esp. our fairy houses!)  Keep watching the calendar for July and August Mom Camp dates! For a sneak peak at some of our plans, you can check out my Pinterest pages.

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