MaddAddam: A BookyMom Review

Disclaimer: I am going to be a spoiler and the content of this review is absolutely NOT for kids!!!

MaddAddam is the final book in a three book series by Margaret Atwood. Now, if you haven’t read the 1st two books, this review and this book is not for you.

In this novel we finally see what happens in the aftermath of a human created plague. There are genetically engineered “new human beings” and strange engineered animals and a few surviving people running around.

We pick up with Zeb and Toby and the engineered Cracker people. Painballers (ex-cons who have fought to the death in gladiator style shows meant to entertain the old world before most people where killed) are still on the loose and the Crakers have come to live with what’s left of the MaddAddamites and God’s Gardeners.

There are three main narrators, Toby, a third-party that priced Zeb’s point of view and a young Cracker.

It’s been so long between the release of the three books that I feel as if I need to go back and re-read Crake and Oryx (which is still the best of the three).

I do love the Crakers and their simple approach to the world around them. Toby is recruited by them to tell quasi-religious stories. The best is when “FUCK” is transformed into some-kind of invisible spiritual protector.

So reviewers find the relationship between Toby and Zeb bothersome, ESP Toby’s female jealousy. That didn’t really bother about her character. It’s a little immature, but I think it’s supposed to help her seem less one-dimensional.

We find out what happens to Adam One. And, we discover Zeb and Adam have different fathers. I didn’t like that and I am not really sure why it was added. It doesn’t do much to move the story forward in my opinion.

All and all– it’s any okay book. I am screaming from the hills to advise people to get the book. As I said before, the biggest thing to come out of reading this is my desire to re-read book one— because that is excellent!

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