Strange Things The Princess Said on our Great British Vacation

I know this is odd, but on the trip The Princess was constantly discussing the various smells she encountered in Great Britain. After awhile, I started writing down her olfactory observations. I am listing them in order of my favorites. A few of them are simply spot on!

  • At Hard Rock Café in the bathroom:

It smells like bubble gum and vomit.


  • In our London Flat:

The walls smell like farts.  I am not saying you farted.  The walls smell.


  • In a Turkish Eatery in London:

It smells like Z in here.  I am not sure what Z is.  But it smells like Z.


  • At a Welsh B and B:

What’s that smell? Chicken or something?


  • At Chepstow Castle:

It smells like horse poo in here.

Trust me, there were a LOT more discussions of the smells of Britain, but I am only going to share the best! “

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