Last Day on the Emerald Isle (MCD 10-11)

It was time to leave Ashford Castle and head off to our next castle– Cabra! On the way we planned to visit a bit of ancient Ireland.   

 We head east back toward Dublin and planned to stop a Loghcrew. It’s sister site to the famous New Grange. Loghcrew’s burrial mounds are coordinated to vernal (spring) equinox. Although much smaller than New Grange, Loghcrew’s is a very intimate site. Small groups of visitors (when I say small our family of four barely fit in the tomb)are able to enter the mound with a small flash light and examiners wall carvings. 

  Then we hit the car and drove to Cabra Castle. It was more of a faux castle than the real thing. It made me feel as if I was in a Scooby Doo cartoon. All kinds of strange pictures lined the walls and it was certainly possible that a pair of creepy eyes were staring out of them at me! Not to meantion several beat-up suits of armor. I thought a ‘ghostly’ villain would pop out of the parlor at any minute.  

The following day it was time to get up and hit the airport for our million hour journey home.  Lots of delays and craziness made the trip take 22 hours door to door.  

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