Mom Camp Days 12-13: Summer Solstice 

Yeah, yeah I know the summer solstice was almost a month ago.  It’s been a crazy summer and we haven’t had enough time for either Mom Camp or blogging about our Mom Camp.  But, better late than never. 

We made our traditional fairy houses.  Although they were on a smaller scale than years past. Coming home from Ireland with jet lag and only a few days to work, we did our best with the limited time. 

  As you can see, we used silver spray on the grasses field. We also made a pond next to the house and even included a few shells all the way from Ireland.  Cinco used cammo duct tape to create two military post look outs. We also added a rainbow and a ‘Welcome Fairies’ sign.  The fairies brought their traditional gift of sparkle fairy dust and left candy sprinkles in their wake.  They also left a note and gave each child a mood ring! 

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