Boston Part Two: Mom Camp Day 17 

Waking in Boston, we decided that we should head out to Fenway Park and take a tour.  Little did we know that tours of park were canceled for a concert that night!!!

Plan B turned into brunch on the walk along the Charles River. The river was quite nice. But, unfortunately the humidity of the East Coast was not! By the time we finished our walk everyone was sweaty and cranky, despite a stop for lemonade and Perrier.

We decided to take part in another Boston tradition a splash in the frog pond. The children and I got soaking wet. So wet, in fact, our clothing didn’t dry in the humid weather for two days.

Then it was back to the hotel for a quick change of clothes.

Our next stop was the famous aquarium.

we decided this was a picture of the seal doing yoga

Dinner, ice cream and then back to the hotel to watch Snake Island.

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