Mom Camp Day 18: WITCHES AND TALL SHIPS… It must be New England

It was time to leave Boston and head further north into Yankee New England.

I first stop was the famous town of Salem, Massachusetts home of the witch trials. In my own childhood, when I was about six years old I was terrified on my visit to Salem.  Returning as an adult, was not nearly so horrifying. The town seems to have been given over to more of the wicken crowd than the archetypal woman with warts, a cat and a black hat.

Nonetheless, we visited what is known as the witch house.  The structure was home to one of the judges who presided over the area of the Salem witch trials and is decorated in the period.

One of the best things about the witch house was the display showing instructions on how to make potions to reveal fairies.  You can bet next mid-summer we will be trying that one!

After strolling witchy Salem, we went over to water and took a look at navel Salem.  We boarded the tall ship, Friendship,  and played around near the water looking at the dock and the ocean beyond.

Our final visit in Salem was the old candy shope to sample some Black Jacks (basically burnt sugar sticks) and the Gibraltar candy in Lemon and Mint flavors.  We decided the Black Jacks were good.  But, no one in the family liked the Gibraltars.

When we arrived in Portland, ME we discovered it was the last day of a tall ships celebration. We managed to sneak in for the last 90 minutes of the multi-day extravaganza.

For dinner we had lobster rolls on the dock while listening to a little live music.  We strolled the main drag in Portland and ended the night with a little ice cream— Crocodile Flavor (which is green ice cream with M&Ms in it).

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