The Monsoon Moms @ Wet N’ Wild: Day 17

Today we planned to take a break from the Titanic theme.  Instead, we were going to branch out to a larger water theme by stopping by Wet N’ Wild with some friends.

It does happen to be Monsoon season in Vegas and as I was driving to Wet N’ Wild a flash flood warning came over my phone.  Still the dark and looming clouds seemed to be well to the Northwest of the park.  So, I decided NOT to call my mom friend (known known as Monsoon Mom) to call off the outing. That was a mistake.

When we arrived the water park was temporarily shutdown.  According to Monsoon Mom, who has season passes to Wet ‘N Wild, this kind of thing often happens and the park frequently reopens in a few minutes.

We walked over to a near by park and allowed the kids to play for a few minutes.  Then it started to HAIL!  Yes, hail!

We stayed under a picnic shade structure for about 30 minutes and then finally made a run for it as the deluge slowed.

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