The Titanic theme continued for a second day despite the drama over the movie.  Although both Cinco and The Princess remained less than excited about this theme. 

For The Princess I downloaded a great set of worksheets from Teachers Pay Teachers created by Primary Junction.  Lucky for me, they were free! They included some basic one page reading sheets followed by a set of comprehension questions.  It also included two small make-it-yourself- booklets.

We also worked in a few crafts as well.  Cinco made his own version of a Lego Titanic. 

Next we gathered a few supplies to make a porthole. We decided to make it a view out the window of the Titanic after it sunk.  We had all the creatures of the drop floating by. 

We started with a set of paper plates–one white and one ocean blue. 

 We cut a circle out of the white plate and then glued the blue plate inside of it.  Next we flipped the plate over and started creating our underwater scenes.

Many of the ‘decorations’ were edible: 

  1. Swedish fish
  2. Sour gummy octopi 
  3. Goldfish crackers

So of course we had to eat a few of our creatures as we went along!

I had one transparent plastic lid left over from a tub of Trader Joe’s animal crackers.  The kids played rock paper siscors to see who would get it.  Cinco won and I think it made a nice finishing touch for his porthole. Although in true little sister fashion, The Princess pointed out the glass would have shattered when the ship went down. 

After the crafts we decided to head to the pool.  At least we were keeping the water theme alive. 

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