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Mom Camp 2.0 Fairy Days (Days 5 & 6)

Now this should have been our final day of prep prior to the big night…  but you know at the last minute The Princess decided she wanted to add a cafe for the fairies.  Because, you know, they might get hungry.  So, it was back outside to the patio to craft a clay fairy cafe.  (Called the Fairy Forest Cafe– Cinco did his best to convince The Princess we should call it FFC for short like KFC, but she would have none of it).

While the stand was drying, Cinco and The Princess got to work making a few food items for the cafe.  These included bowls of fairy food and a few cinnamon rolls crafted from leftover clay.  Of course, the cafe needed a canopy and then we needed to add chairs and tables for the fairy guests to enjoy their treats.

Again, we had to wait overnight for the clay to dry so we could properly paint the food stand and the food. We also crafted another “platform/garden” to house the cafe area.

By the end of day 6 we were ready for the fairies to arrive at our village!

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Fairy Days Mom Camp 2.0 Day 2

If you know ANYTHING about Mom Camp, you know that we always make fairy houses (or sometimes a village) to celebrate the summer solstice.

You can see some our old fairy houses here: (I think my favorite fairy “house” was the year Cinco built a baseball field for the fairies….

We Interrupt this Mom Camp to Bring You Summer Solstice Day

Fairies, Fairies Everywhere…. Mom Camp Days 10-13

Mom Camp Days 12-13: Summer Solstice 

We did skip last year because we were traveling in Italy, but this year we are back in force!  And, the solstice happens to be TONIGHT!  Stay turned for what we did for this awesome fairy spectacle.


Every good fairy house craft begins with a trip to The Dollar Store as well as Hobby Lobby for supplies — and we spend months saving boxes and any other “interesting recyclables” that come through the house.  This year Cinco and The Princess were set on making houses out of clay.  (A new project for Mom Camp Fairy Days) So, we left Hobby Lobby with 5 lbs of clay, lots of metallic paint and several decorative embellishments for the houses — including golden fairy wings!img_5767

After about 3 hours roaming stores — yes they can spend forEVER in Hobby Lobby— we made it home to unpack and swim.


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Mom Camp Day 1: A Trip to Springs Preserve

For the 1st day of Mom Camp, the kids decided they wanted to go to Springs Preserve. We had lunch, attended the new exhibit “Nature’s Ninjas” — all about poisonous creatures– and took a train ride to Boom Town.  We weighed gold at the bank and in return got a few pieces of pyrite (AKA fools gold). 

Then it was time for home and a dip in the pool.

Pretty low key, but you know..  it was only day one!

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Mom Camp 2.0

As many of you know, there was a Mom Camp rebellion last year.  The kids did NOT like all the mom directed activities and I decided that maybe they had outgrown Mom Camp.  So, I signed them up for several different REAL CAMPS—  play horror music here.

Cinco and The Princess launched a protest and we have developed Mom Camp 2.0.  What is that?  Well, it’s a bit more fun and less educational than the previous mom camps and includes a few weeks of actual camp.  Instead of trying to theme out each day with semi-educational activities and a few crafts, we are doing 30 min of math work, 30 min of reading, 10 min of typing and then going about our day with more fun and free time and action.  Additionally, since the kids are older they also decided they wanted to dive into the projects the really liked and spend less time jumping from activity to activity.

Therefore, Cinco, the Princess and I welcome Mom Camp 2.0!


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