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The Norman Conquest!

The Norman ConquestThe Norman Conquest by Marc Morris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

1066. Its one of the key dates in British and to a certain extent world history. But, why and how did it get to be such a pivotal date? Marc Morris offers us a look at the circumstances and players in this period and discusses what sort of transitions took place in the 30 years following The Conquest.

The book is thoroughly researched. The work provides readers a forthright look at what happened using both primary source documents as well as later historical theories. He cites multiple versions of The Anglo-Saxon Chronical and truly digs into the famous Doomsday Book.

Despite heavy research, Morris does an excellent job keeping the reader engaged. Readers are not bored too death by a pedantic, professorial style lecturing. The writing is excesable and story is well told.

It is a short book packed full of information and is a great overview if the conquest.

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