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Crafting for a Friend’s FASCINATING Fortieth

What do you get someone turning 40?


I was at a bit of a loss. By the time you are 40 you have accumulated a lot of stuff and do really need your friends giving you more things? I think not! That of course leaves booze, spa gift certificate — the usable gifts. But once comsumed what is your friend left with?? A headache in the case of booze or a fleeting moment of relaxation in the case of the spa.

Therefore, Jillian and I teamed up to create a homemade, heartfelt gift for out fabulous, soon-to-be 40, friend Ginger’s Surprise Birthday Party. (Ginger is not her real name– as I am sure you have guessed. But she does have red hair…)

Okay, so what says GINGER? She is very fashion forward. In fact, even before the big royal wedding Ginger was wearing fascinators. Ginger also happens to be a straying member of a book-club I started. Put it all together and you get — drum roll, please….20130916-155901.jpg
A Bookish Fascinator!

Jillian and I got to work. We decided on a book theme and I went off to Goodwill to find a book. The idea was to make paper flowers out of the pages. When I got to Goodwill I started feeling the pages of the books. I was looking for thick paper over content. I did manage to pick up a collection of three Shakespeare plays with relatively strong paper. Other supplies included glitter spray paint, black tulle and some felt over odds and ends from our combined craft kits.

The next day, Jillian came over for an afternoon of crafting. I made the paper flowers.

20130916-165222.jpg The Captain even got in on it and spray painted the glitter on the flowers!

20130916-165342.jpg Meanwhile, Jillian was in charge of all sowing. She made a lovely fabric covered platform for the project and added the tulle.

The best part of the entire project was the hat box that Jillian packaged it all in!


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