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Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button: Mom Camp Day 19 Lalaloopsy Day!

Now it’s Lalaloopsy Day @ Mom Camp!  (For anyone who doesn’t know, Lalaloopsy is a kids toy/TV Show that features rag dolls come to life–I like to think of it as a hipper Raggedy Ann.)


Now, planning an entire mom camp day around this theme was a little bit of a challenge.  The ‘Loopsy girls have button eyes.  So, as you can see I sorta went wild with the button idea.  All sorts of button crafts.

We got up first thing and I tried to make “Button Cakes”– which were pancakes with four strategically placed chocolate chips for the button holes.IMG_2151IMG_2152

The kids thought theses were just great!

I found these cute wooden buttons IMG_2163at a craft store for about 25 cents and the kids were kept busy coloring these while I cleaned up the “Button Cakes”.

Then it was on to button crafts galore!  We started out making button flowers with pipe cleaners buttons and beads.  I know, the beads were sorta cheating—but we had to do what we had to do.   We also made a number of vases with some glitter paper, ribbon and an old pill bottle!



Both Cinco and The Princess had a wonderful time completing this craft and The Princess carried her flowers around all day–  Success!

But the button fun didn’t end there….


We made button hair clips…


And button bracelets…IMG_2153

And button magnets…IMG_2162

Enough with the buttons already.  We took a small break to watch a movie and let mom clean up the button made mayhem. The Search for Pillow was not exactly a hit with The Princess. She did a lot of complaining this it was “lame”–Ouch.

Don’t worry we also read some of the ‘Loospy girl books, too. Meet the Lalaloopsy Girls, was cute and explain who each on was and what made her special.
Party Time was a cute story about each ‘Loopsy bring something that they made to a fun little party!

I also bought a few of the girls…. I mean how could I resist? And,

Then we ended the Lalaloopsy fest with a bit of coloring…


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