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Magna Carta Day! Mom Camp Day 1

You may have guessed by now that with our trip to England coming up, we are spending a lot of time on all things British. In preparation for seeing Magna Carta we dedicated a mom camp day to learning ALL about it.

I decided to use the Disney movie as a means of teaching the kids about Magna Carta. It is a cute way to introduce the kids to King John and explain that he was taxing people too much.

I freely admit the movie is in no way factual. But, that’s when I stepped in and started explaining how the movie was different from real life. King John was over taxing his barons. Of course, Magna Carta is about more than just being over taxed. He was also dictating who rich widows married and turning too much of England into forest land, among other things.

Next we printed out some adorable and free Robin Hood masks from Sparklebox and put on our own Magna Carta play. The masks include the main characters from the Robin Hood story, but we improvised and used some of them for the barons and widows and other characters. The Princess insisted on playing evil King John and Cinco played the barons. Given our love of William Marshal we included him in the play as one of the negociators of Magna Carta.

Shameless plug for my William Marshal book:

With a little more help from Disney, I took what was supposed to be a Bambi craft and used it to talk more about the forestry laws before Magna Carta. After all, you could be killed or imprisoned for poaching the King’s deer!



Moving on to more serious matters, we also completed a 4-page lesson from the British Council on Magna Carta.


And, this is Cinco, The Princess and me looking at one of the four original copies of The Magna Carta in Salisbury Cathedral. It is supposed to be the best preserved of the existing copies. i must agree it looked brand new! Lucky for us, we had the chance to actually hover over the document. Although it was written in Latin, we did find The Marshal’s name on the document. He’s listed in a prominent place at the head of the nobles and after the bishops and king.

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Mom Camp Day 27: Knights and Princesses

20130814-162022.jpgAfter a family vacation, its time to start good ol’ Mom Camp again.  The original plan was to have two or three days for our Knight and Princess theme.  But, with school just around the corner and so much to do before it starts, we had to squeeze things into a single day.

20130814-162110.jpgWe made three crafts. The Princess wanted wands. I found these at the Dollar Store and saved them.  She didn’t add too much decoration, but she was happy with them…

20130814-162044.jpg20130814-162038.jpgNext we made these cute little princess and knight crafts.  The idea came from Busy Bee Crafts. Although we made up the princess craft ourselves.  We used some left over fabric, glitter sticker sheets, cotton balls and buttons.  The Princess needed a little help getting started, but Cinco made his knight without any help!

20130814-162029.jpgThe next craft was a dragon!  The idea for this one was borrowed from Activity Village. It was originally supposed to be a dragon made from a wooden spoon.  Sadly, I didn’t get the chance to buy any wooden spoons so wemodified the craft and used plastic ones.  The kids still had a great time painting and designing the dragons.

For our reading, we have been listening to in the car. The audio version is abridged. But, it is read by Rob Reiner, which is kinda cool. Thank heaven it’s been keeping the kids quite in the backseat as we do our chores! As aside note, they have yet t actually watch themovie!

Cinco also spent a lot of time reading a Choose-Your-Own Adventure style book about knights.

Our movie was: The film as recently been released on DVD. I loved it as a kid and it’s a great way to talk the kids about the Magna Carta. (Have I mentioned that ever summer I plan to do a Magna Carta Day for Mom Camp and ever summer, I miss it? If I ever get to Magna Carta Day, we will be watching this again.)

Update: I did do a Magna Carta Day….

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