Mom Camp Day 3: Rainbow Day (Not in a Gay Pride kinda way)

Even I have to admit that yesterday’s Mom Camp was hurting. Amazing enough The Princess and Cinco both gave it pretty decent ratings (6 and 5 out of 10) . I gave it a 2! Today is going to be better and cooler and way more fun! I promise!

IMG_1822Its Rainbow day (The Princess’ idea). We start with a rainbow breakfast of all fruit. The kids picked out the fruit yesterday — Strawberry, Oranges, Pineapple, Grape, Blueberries, Blackberries (I know the blackberries is cheating a little but oh well!)

Our activities for the day:

  1. Oil, Water and Color: Borrowed from Highlight’s Website (I loved that magazine as a kid!) we did a project where place food coloring in oil add the oil to water and watch the colors sink down into the water. I thought this was going to be awesome…. but our projects sort of fizzled. The water mainly just changed color and we had to do the experiment about three times before we got it to look ANYTHING like the example.
  2. Milk Rainbow: Borrowed from Come Together Kids , we did a milk experiment with food colors, milk (has to be whole milk– which meant I had to make an emergency run to the store last night–we only have Almond Milk in the house) and dish soap. The kids add food coloring to the milk, nothing really happens. Then they add the dish soap and the soap causes the fat in the colored milk to move away from the soap. We actually used both almond and whole milk to see what the difference. The almond milk was a dud, but it was useful for the kids to compare the two kinds. We recorded our observations as well.
  3. Old CThe Princess'  VersionD Art: I found this in the book
    You take old CDs and cover them with acrylic paint. Then you swirl the paint around making designs and hang it up as art. So easy and simple even the four year had a great time doing it!
  4. The final fun project was making our our faux-tie-dyed-t-shirts. I borrowed this one from The Art Girl Jackie.IMG_1846IMG_1847 Super fun, really easy. You need sharpies, T-shirts and rubbing alcohol. Both kids enjoyed this little project very much. And, although you might think it would be messy with a 4 and 7 yr old, it was pretty much a snap!

As for books and movies… I came up blank on the movie with a rainbow theme, other than Rainbow Bright, which I thought Cinco would not appreciate. Although, he does tend to be pretty tolerant when it comes to little girl movies.


Over the Rainbow by Judy Collins: It’s basically just the song written out with some lovely illustrations added. But the book does come with a CD of her signing the song and we listened to that in the car on the way to Costco.

Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors by Sue Kassirer.

And, that brings us to the end of the exciting Rainbow Day activities!

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