Star Wars Episode IV: Mom Camp!

Mom Camp Day 14.  It is difficult to believe that Mom Camp has only be going for 14 days.  It feels more like 14 years.  The next few days are all about Star Wars.  Cinco loved Clone Wars and I, being a child of the 70’s, have to stay true to the originals.  (No one in the family is sticking up for Phantom Menace et al.)

Cinco and The Princess in costume for Star Wars Day, Episode I.

Cinco and The Princess in costume for Star Wars Day, Episode I.

Out of the gate we decided to make a Princess Leia headband.  You can find instructions here. IMG_2057Ours was a little different.  We used a styrofoam ball.  Chopped it in two and glued it on the headband.  Next, it was time to glue on the brown yarn. The Princess (Leia) was very excited to get her headband.  And the best part was throughout the entire process she kept calling me Amidala (because you know she’s Leia’s mom and all).

Next, we made our own Death Stars and some space fighters and even drew a sidewalk chalk Jabba the Hut. I think the PINK Death Star is very original! IMG_2087

We watched the Star Wars: A New Hope!

Then it was time for worksheets.  There is a cute set at Home School Creations.They worked really well for The Princess.

We also took some time to play Mad Libs! I always LOVED Mad Libs as a kid and Cinco and The Princess were laughing like mad… Plus, it’s a great way to work on the parts of speech without the kids realizing that they are learning something!
This was Cinco’s reading for today as well.


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  1. Susan Silva (Beth's sister)

    Your kiddos would love the series by Tom Angleberger, it begins with the Strange Case of the Origami Yoda… there are three others all with reference to Star Wars…it would fit right into your Star Wars week!

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