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Awooo Awoo: Book Review

The Interrupted Tale (The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place, #4)The Interrupted Tale by Maryrose Wood

Maryrose Wood continues to complicate the story of the Ashton’s and the wolf children. In this book, the governess is called back to her old school to give a speech. When she arrives at the school with the wolf children, she finds that things are changing for the worse and “Judge Quincy” is one making all the trouble.

The book about Awoo Awoo holds key information and everyone wants to get their hands on it!

As always, Wood strings together a number of story lines and incorporates pirate, ferns, birds and more in a silly mystery story that is entertaining for children and adults.

I am looking forward to the installment of these books.

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Father’s Day Gifts

Lucky for me, my hubs doesn’t read the blog so I can blog about his Father’s Day gifts.

Every year with him it’s a challenge to find something he’ll like. He’s a beer drinking, guitar playing, mountain climber. Some years it’s a gift card from REI or Amazon, custom guitar picks, extra.

This year I am going with the beer idea. He never really wanted a brew your own beer kit, although I bring it up all the time. It seems he is more interested in having his beer without any work. So, He’s getting a beer-stein, a beer bottle opener, and the new fast cooling, Chillsner. You can find it at

(And, I know what it looks like, but this is a FAMILY blog!!!) What is super cool about the Chillsner, it has a whole in it, so you leave it in the beer and drink through it. I am ever hopeful this will be a hit with the hubs.

I am currently working hard to convince the kiddos to make “coupons” for dad to put inside the beer mug. Dad loves kid massages. Cinco is resisting this idea…it may come down to bribery.

I am also thinking if the kiddos will not do coupons, maybe we can make cards that describe what they like best about dad! I am not giving up yet!

There is also always the tie!

And, Cinco decided this weekend to a John Wayne movie. Not sure if the movie is for Dad or Cinco?

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ABC Pipe Cleaners

IMG_1794Today to help The Princess work on her letters and letter sounds we made pipe cleaner letters. After completing the entire alphabet we played a game with the letters. She had to: find the letter that was called out, the letter that matched the sound or find the letter in between two others. After 15 correct answers she earned on Hershey’s Kiss.

What was great about this game is Cinco really got into it. He was calling out the letters and even added the part about being a letter detective and finding the letter between the other two. He kept score and gave her the rewards.

For the second round of the game, we had The Princess spelled her first and last name.

The whole experience lasted about an hour and 15 minutes before The Princess declared she was finished. All in all she created the letters, answered 30 questions and earned 2 Kisses. (I also slipped Cinco 2 for being such a great teacher!).

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Wild Wendesday

Today I took Cinco and The Princess to the local library for the Dino Detective program. It started out a little slow– a few random fossils, a guy reciting facts. Then the kids dug for bones followed by making these cute little pictures!


Best of all they received a clay, glow in the dark dino skull fossil. And, man do they glow!  Not a bad day..

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