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It’s Angry Bird Day, Straight Down to the Undies (Mom Camp Day 13)

IMG_2035Angry Bird Day started fast with a fun cardboard tube craft.  Inspired by Crafts by Amanda we created a few birds of our own.  They are easier to make then they look–and I was working with a four and seven-year old.  If I can do it, you can too!


  • Card Board Tubes
  • Construction Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Google Eyes (Optional)
  • Sparkle Paper (Optional)
  • Feathers (Optional)



  1. Cut the card board tubes (cut in half if you are using TP and you in either thirds or quarters for a paper towel roll.)
  2. Cut out some colored construction paper (color depends on the bird you are making).
  3. IMG_2029Cut the paper construction paper on the roll.
  4. Cut out the eyes, beaks, eyebrows and glue them on.  (You can also glue on google eyes instead, if you like.) For pigs, cut out a snout. IMG_2032If you want to make a girl bird cut out a bow (two triangles glued to a rectangle in the middle).
  5. Glue on feathers or construction paper to simulate the feathers.  For pigs, cut out the ears.

We even went so far as to design our own versions of Angry Birds and Pigs.  The Princess named her Dazzle, which is perfect!  Plus, I think she’s part of the newest game: Angry Bird-Vegas.  (Just Kidding!) IMG_2041

After all that fun, it was time to clean up so mom had to keep the kiddos occupied with a few worksheets and not so messy games!

For worksheets we turned to:

Quickly, we turned back to the fun and games with a few items I actually broke down and bought!

  • This activity book worked out really well for us. It was more than just a coloring book, because heaven knows we DO NOT NEED ANOTHER COLORING BOOK. Instead, this offers mazes, puzzles, codes, and even a simple math problem or two. What I really loved about this little book is that worked for both the 4 and 7 year-old. It offers games and puzzles with three levels of difficulty, so both kids used the book!
  •  “Play-doh” style Angry Bird kit was hit with both kids.  It comes with three cans of “doh”, two molds, and some heavy cardboard panels.  The kids were able to construct their own angry bird sets and had a blast trying to knock them down.  Plus, I really liked the consistency of the Softee dough better than “play-doh”.
  •  Cinco loved this book. Like the Star Wars Lego books, this one has pages where you have to find the right sticker and fit onto a certain page. There are also pages with scenes that your fill out with stickers. It has tons of character stickers, Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Luke, Leia, Han… It is very much like the Lego sticker books–so if you like them, you will like this.

P.S.  Here are the undies: IMG_2033

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ABC Pipe Cleaners

IMG_1794Today to help The Princess work on her letters and letter sounds we made pipe cleaner letters. After completing the entire alphabet we played a game with the letters. She had to: find the letter that was called out, the letter that matched the sound or find the letter in between two others. After 15 correct answers she earned on Hershey’s Kiss.

What was great about this game is Cinco really got into it. He was calling out the letters and even added the part about being a letter detective and finding the letter between the other two. He kept score and gave her the rewards.

For the second round of the game, we had The Princess spelled her first and last name.

The whole experience lasted about an hour and 15 minutes before The Princess declared she was finished. All in all she created the letters, answered 30 questions and earned 2 Kisses. (I also slipped Cinco 2 for being such a great teacher!).

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Summer Reading

One of the worst days in my childhood summer was when the dreaded summer reading list arrived in the mail. It came in a manilla envelope and seemed innocent enough until my mother opened it and took out the reading list, “Optional Summer Reading List”–what a joke. About 25 years ago, the list included such acclaimed books as Hatchet and Island of the Blue Dolphins— both of which I could not stand! Let me just say that books for young readers have come a long way since my childhood. Front Cover In fact, the horrible scene with the black flies from Hatchet is still with me. Ugh…. With summer just around the corner, The Booky Mom is getting ready to make summer reading for Cinco and The Princess at little less traumatic! So here goes…

  • Let’s Start With a Bribe. The children love yummy worms. So why not turn simple yummy worms into book worms? I am going to fill a mason jar with our “book worms” and each child can have one “worm” each time we sit down for our reading time.
  • 20130530-193122.jpg

  • Summer Reading Programs. Our local library, and probably yours, offers a summer reading program for kids 0- 11. Read 5 books and earn a book buck, which is good for a book at the library used book store. Barnes and Noble is offering a program as well. Read 8 books, fill out the required form, take it to the store and get a free book from a pre-selected group. Of course, I cannot forget the Scholastic Books reading challenge.
  • Using our Mom Camp Theme Days to Keep Reading Interesting. As part of our Mom Camp Theme Days, we will also be choosing books that match the theme. So, follow our theme days for ideas of coordinating books and projects that will hopefully make reading less painful.

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