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Return of the Jedi: Mom Camp Day 16

Let me start by saying, this is my FAVORITE of all the Star Wars movies.  Now, my very first movie at the movie theater was The Empire Strikes Back (I was about 3 years old and my dad took me and had to explain the whole movie to me….) But my favorite Star Wars movies without a doubt is Return of the Jedi.  In fact, I actually recall counting down the days until it opened!  I will admit I am very American in liking this one the best– after all we have to have a happy-ending.  But, I also loved the Ewoks!

IMG_2089For our third Star Wars day we started with Ewoks, seeing as how they are in Return of the Jedi.  Plus, I also really liked them as a kid and even had one of those stuffed Ewok dolls.  Our third mom camp star wars day featured a special guest, a young friend of Cinco’s.  So we had to run to the craft store before he came over to make sure we had enough materials to make the Ewoks.  What did we purchase you ask?


We made a number of Ewoks, including their weapons and even some Ewok babies!

Baby Ewok

Baby Ewok

The Princess loved the Ewok babies.  To be honest, we sorta made the Ewoks for The Princess who felt that there were just too many boy crafts.

Sadly, our invited guest was not really digging the Ewoks.  But Cinco had a great time designing them!

Next up I tried to make the Death Star Popcorn Balls. Umm… so I tried to follow the recipe, but it calls for water and after reading the recipe about a million times I couldn’t find out how much water to put in.  So I found another Popcorn Ball recipe and made them.  I also dyed the sugar mix black with food coloring to make the popcorn ball seem more like the Death Star. None of this really helped and everyone, Cinco, The Princess, the guest and even I thought they were gross.  (You know its bad when two seven-year olds and four-year old will not eat a ball popcorn covered in sugar).  But hey, you cannot win them all, right?

The VERY best part of the night was The Captain “pretending” to use the force.  He blew over the R2-D2 paper craft from yesterday–and claimed it was the Force. And, of course the kids saw him blow it and told him he was not a JEDI.

Then he attached a string to the paper R2-D2 and pulled it toward him.  Of course, the kids figured it out again.  And, The Captain was truly sad that he couldn’t trick the kiddos.  Thank heaven they have a little more common sense than that!  Sorry, Captain!

We also played with this cool book.  Cinco did a great job making the thumb print people and The Princess had fun too.  Although, her thumb prints were a bit more like blobs…

This was our reading for the day. Not academic… but fun. And, whatever, Cinco’s reading!
Then, it was time for movie night and the finally episode: RETURN OF THE JEDI!

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American Independence Day: Mom Camp Day 12

IMG_2017It’s time to celebrate the 4th of July.  This year we have visitors coming for the days leading up to the 4th so our reading, arts and crafts will be limited.  Oh well.  We have managed to read and create a few fun things for the holiday!

Let’s start with our crafts.

Revolutionary War peg dolls–including our founding father Ben Franklin!

What you need:


  1. Gather your clothespins and give them to the kids to color.  We looked at pictures of British Redcoats for inspiration.
  2. Depending of what sort of person you are making, use the glue gun to add embellishments.


*We made tall bearskin hats for the Redcoats as well.  Cut out a rectangle with rounded edges on one side. IMG_2015 Again, ring the head of the clothespins with glue and glue the flat edge to the head.  You will now have an open cone on the clothespins.  Insert a cotton ball or two (depending on how tall you want your hat to be.).  The cotton ball will make sure the bearskin hat keeps its form and doesn’t collapse.  Fold the top in on itself and glue it closed.

IMG_2019*We made “tricornered hats” by cutting out circles in black construction paper. Then you fold up two sides and ring the “head” of the clothespins with glue and slap it on.

*We also made a colonial girl.  IMG_2004Using fabric scraps we cut out a small circle and glued it onto the head of the clothespins for a bonnet.  Then we added a skirt in the same pattern.  The Princess finished her off by coloring the shirt, face and hair.

IMG_2018*American Revolutionaries can be colored in basic clothes (because most were citizen soldiers and would not have had real uniforms.)  We did add a ‘coon skin cap by cutting a piece of brown pipe cleaner in half and coiling it up.  Make sure to leave a little of the brown at the back of the cap for the tail to dangle down. We also hid them behind the trees like real colonial militia.

*Finally, Ben Franklin!  Ben Franklin CraftRip off part of the cotton ball and glue it on his head for hair.  Next, cut out a construction paper diamond and color it how ever you like!  It’s going to be Ben’s famous kite! Glue the kite to a pipe cleaner and wrap the pipe cleaner around Ben’s waist.  If you want to be really ambitious, like us– just out a key and string it on the pipe cleaner before you tie it around his waist.  You will find that the kite causes Ben not to stand up.  We fixed this by gluing him to a jar lid covered in fabric.

IMG_2016We also recycled the fairy forest into a battle field for the war!

One of our other activities was a cool internet based decoding game provided by the US Park Service Rangers. You have to figure out a revolutionary war cypher as if you were George Washington!  Cinco enjoyed it and I convinced him he was a Revolutionary war spy–Fun and educational.

The Princess also worked a neat 4th of July worksheet set provided by Gift of Curiosity.  The pack says it for kids 2 to 7 and does offer various difficulty levels on the activities (matching, mazes, which one doesn’t belong).  But it was better suited for the 4-year-old than the 7-year-old. I think it’s a little to simple for any one over 6.   But it has great graphics!


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